Healthcare Communications Recruitment

How we work

People in a meeting.

We build relationships

We take the time to meet both candidates and clients on a regular basis and understand their needs, aspirations and motivations.

We strive to create real partnerships so we are able to provide as much open and honest information on each role as possible.

We understand that company culture, the clients/products and type of work are as important as salary, future prospects and work-life balance.

We work with candidates at all levels from Graduate Trainee to Managing Director, on a permanent and freelance basis.

We strive to create a real partnership with our clients that will save you time and money. We will only put forward candidates who are a good fit for your organisation and not waste your time with inappropriate CVs and applicants.

We are open and honest and never try and fit a square peg into a round hole because we understand that for an employer/employee relationship to work, chemistry is everything.

We make connections

People in a meeting.

Permanent and freelance

We connect clients and candidates with permanent and freelance roles, and cover the key sectors in healthcare and pharma communications.

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